What's it like?

Connecticut College is a residential campus. Ninety-eight percent of students live on campus in 23 residence halls, known as houses, all within a five-minute walk of their classes.

Our residence houses are not just "a place to sleep," but active learning communities. You'll engage in challenging intellectual discussions with your peers, attend philosophical talks by professors and collaborate on creative projects.

From the newly renovated "Plex" to the historic granite buildings along Tempel Green, each house has its own personality. Some look out over playing fields, so you can cheer on the lacrosse and soccer teams from your window. A few have views of Long Island Sound. Several have special themes, such as Knowlton Language House, 360/Earth House, and Burdick, a "quiet" house.

There are no fraternities or sororities at Connecticut College. First-year students live in doubles, triples and a few quads. Most sophomores, juniors and seniors live in singles and doubles.

Here, a lot of your social life will revolve around your house. You and your fellow residents will set house rules together and plan events and social activities. You'll also work with professors to plan informal talks, educational programs and study breaks — all in your residence house.