Post-election counseling advice

This national election cycle has been a particularly stressful one. The SCS staff want to acknowledge a range of reactions today including excitement, joy, relief, fear, sadness, anger, dread, hopelessness, anxiety, and numbness. You may find yourself within a circle of friends or classmates who do not share the same reactions as you. These and other interactions may evoke emotional distress.

We are here to listen and support you as our Nation works through this election transition. If you are struggling with the personal impact of the election, the tone of the national discussions, or if you are experiencing negative treatment, threats or more subtle forms of oppression because of your race or ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, religious affiliation, country of origin or other aspect of your identity, please schedule an appointment or at 860-439-4587, or drop by the office in the Warnshuis Health Center.

SCS provides a safe space for discussions on identity, empowerment, intercultural competency, and the impact of the election. As this is a highly emotional time for our Nation, we recommend several strategies to care for yourself and help you remain productive and well throughout the semester including:

  • Acknowledging your feelings: check your emotional state before you engage in conversations. Are you in a space to dialogue?
  • Focusing on tasks or events that are in your control
  • Connecting with friends, family, a community, or safe space to ground and support you
  • Focusing on the present and shifting away from the future focus
  • Monitoring your media use—check your reactions before and after taking in the information; set time limits
  • Opting out of unproductive conversations that pose a threat to your mental health and well-being
  • Taking care of your basic needs such as eating, sleeping, drinking water, playing, and laughing. Incorporate activities that recharge you and relax you every day
  • Volunteering for an organization that supports your values and interests on or off campus
  • Utilizing self-care apps such as Breathe2Relax (iPhone, Android); Mindshift (iphone, Android); Stop, Breathe, Think (iPhone, Android); Headspace (iPhone, Android); Virtual Hope Box (iPhone, Android)
  • Checking SCS website for additional support and resources

About Student Counseling Services

Our goal is to enhance each individual's ability to learn, to create and to be fully participating members of the College community by utilizing safe, culturally sensitive and inclusive approaches to mental health treatment. Care is provided in a safe and non-judgmental atmosphere at no cost to the student.

Some students come only once or twice to discuss something that concerns them, while others may require more ongoing care. The counselors also consult with students, faculty, staff or family members if they are concerned about a specific student.

*Connecticut College Student Counseling Services has been accredited by the International Association of Counseling Services (IACS) since 2005.

Meet our counselors

Our counselors have extensive clinical experience in counseling and psychotherapy and provide individual and group treatment, assessment and referral, and crisis intervention. Medication evaluation and medication management services are provided by our consulting psychiatrist for a fee, which is typically covered by insurance.


We provide students with a wide range of outpatient clinical services in a safe, non-judgmental atmosphere including:

  • Evaluation
  • Individual and group counseling (see Support Groups and Events)
  • Psychopharmacological evaluation and medication management
  • Crisis intervention services
  • Outreach and consultation to the College community
  • Psycho-educational forums
  • Referral to off-campus clinicians for specialized and/or intensive treatment
  • Light therapy

Some of the student concerns that can be addressed in treatment include:

Depression Anxiety
Alcohol/substance use & abuse Self-esteem
Relationships    Body image
Loneliness Family issues
Grief/loss Roommate issues
Sexuality Problems in living
Adjustment issues Identity issues
Sexual assault Other mental health issues

Our online mental health screening can help you determine if you will benefit from counseling services.

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